Younger workers have specific needs from an employer

Millennial workers – those who make up the youngest staff within a company – are approaching employment opportunities in a unique way, which is putting new pressure on employers to meet these expectations.

That’s the finding from a recent piece of research by Deloitte into the qualities that millennials are looking for when they join a company. The research found that these workers are looking to work for a company that has a sense of purpose, with 60 per cent of respondents citing this as a major quality they look for in employment.

For small-business owners, this places a new level of pressure on them as they look to find new staff , boost productivity and attract and retain valuable customers.

However, this isn’t the only issue that company owners will need to address, with new employees also looking for specific skills from their boss. Among the most attractive qualities for young workers is to have an employer who can think strategically (39 per cent). Other high-ranking personality qualities included being inspirational, personable and visionary (37, 34 and 31 per cent respectively).

Hamish Wilson, a Deloitte partner and human capital leader, suggested this shift in thinking would be essential for companies as they look to engage with and develop young talent.

“The message is clear: when looking at their career goals, today’s millennials are just as interested in how a business develops its people and how it contributes to society as they are in its products and profits,” said Mr Wilson.

Finally, young workers are concerned that their skill sets are not being utilised by their employer. Among those surveyed, only 28 per cent feel their skills are being utilised in their current role, while 53 per cent are aspiring to be the next leader of their organisation.

For small business owners, this presents a strong opportunity to develop new skills within their organisation. By offering opportunities to young workers and encouraging their professional development, companies will be well-placed to make the most of the new generation of workers within their business. 

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