Reports provide the financial position, financial performance and cash flows of a business, allowing the reader to see how well a particular element, department or business as a whole is doing. As businesses grow and become more complex, so to do the needs of comprehensive reporting. ABM places a strong focus on its reporting capabilities, providing the tools necessary for clients to keep on top of risk, performance and growth.

Standard reports
Up to 130 standard reports with processing speed up to 30 times faster than previous generation accounting systems. Export the reports into a variety of formats, such as Microsoft Excel for familiar handling of a report. Find the information you need with the time you have, in the format you prefer.

View crucial statistics on customer sales, supplier purchases or inventory in data or graphical form. Compare sales and gross profit between this year and last year for each customer or product, compare the value of purchases between years for each supplier.

An extensive array of filtering and sorting options allows users to control the content of their reports. Print user defined groups of reports, where the user can copy and change reporting filters according to their requirements. Drill-down features enable greater in-depth analysis of report, with options for a summary view of information.

Snapshot report designer allows users to create their own custom reports for use in Microsoft Excel. An easy to use tool requiring no technical knowledge….just point and click familiar business labels. It can also be used by consultants with reporting expertise to produce more elaborate results for their clients.

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