How to keep your manufacturing workforce engaged

Around one-quarter of manufacturing employees are looking to leave their jobs, according to a survey by Global Manufacturing. At ABM, we know how important productivity is to your manufacturing business. One of the best ways to improve that productivity is to increase employee engagement. So, we’ve compiled a guide to engaging your manufacturing workforce, to help you retain staff and create a hwp-contentier working environment.

1. Frequently review pay

Pay was the most important factor in job hunting, according to a survey conducted by ResourceMFG of over 2,500 manufacturing employees. So, you need to get your starting pay right, and frequently review it to make sure you’re staying competitive. The best way to do this is through market research – make sure you’re offering salaries that fall in the upper quartile of the industry’s pay range.

2. Provide a sense of job security

The second most important factor for manufacturing staff was job security. This means employing them, as much as you can, on at least a 40-hour week basis, and communicating with them about upcoming work and projects, so they know their work is secure in the future.

Another way to contribute to job security is train your staff up – if they have more manufacturing skills, you will be able to give them much more work than if they are only able to do one or two jobs within your company. 

You need to frequently review your employees' pay to keep them engaged.You need to frequently review your employees’ pay to keep them engaged.

3. Review benefits

The same survey found that 88 per cent of manufacturing workers preferred to have time off than the equivalent in pay. So you need to make sure you’re offering your workforce flexibility, and let them take days off or switch shifts around.

If your company operates on a shift-work basis, then you need to take your staff’s preferences into account – ResourceMFG found that staff much prefer eight hour shifts to 12. ABM can make this easier for you with our jobs and timesheeting modules

4. Provide opportunities

Whether this is for promotion or learning, your staff will really wp-contentreciate the chance to grow. If they can see a clear chance for progression, they are much more likely to stick with you and put their all in when it comes to doing the work.

Another great way to increase your manufacturing business’ productivity is by investing in accounting software like ABM. For more information, please contact us

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